This page contains resources created for students in my classes that I make available to anyone else who might find them helpful.

1. Fundamentals of Research Methods and Statistics

This text is designed to assist students taking introductory-level courses in research methodology and statistics as well as students engaged in other research experiences that involve data analysis. This is not copyrighted material and you may save, print, copy, or distribute it. Coverage includes the following topics:

  • review of basic concepts
  • describing data
  • standard scores
  • hypothesis testing using one-sample z test
  • effect size
  • confidence intervals
  • statistical power
  • reproducibility
  • meta-analysis
  • t tests (one sample, related samples, independent groups)
  • ANOVA (independent groups, related samples, factorial)
  • scatterplots and correlations
  • regression and multiple regression
  • chi-square tests (goodness of fit, independence)
  • selecting a statistical test

Throughout the text, there is information on how to use perform computerized data analyses and how to report results in APA style.

The latest version, which uses Jamovi for computerized data analysis, is available in this Google doc.

The most recent edition that still used SPSS for computerized data analysis (from spring, 2020) is available in this PDF file.

2. Statistical Tables and Calculators

This Excel file contains worksheets for the types of statistical analysis encountered in an introductory course, plus some added features that colleagues, students, and I have found useful in our research. Topics include:

  • descriptive statistics
  • z scores and one-sample z tests
  • Cohen’s d (one sample, independent groups, related samples)
  • statistical power (for one-sample tests)
  • t tests (one sample, independent groups, related samples)
  • ANOVAs (independent groups, related samples)
  • Tukey’s HSD post-hoc test
  • correlation and regression
  • chi-square (goodness of fit and test of independence)

Worksheets contain a variety of calculators and tables of critical values. When data are entered into the appropriate locations, analyses are pre-programmed and will be performed automatically. With the exception of the scatterplot on the correlation and regression worksheet, everything seems to work fine when this file is imported into Google Sheets.