Quantitative methods programs are provided in a single .zip file, with the contents described below. Files ending with YYYY-MM-DD indicate the date of the latest update. References appear at the bottom of this page.

Taxometric Analysis

As of May 30, 2017, the program code to perform taxometric analyses that was previously available via this web site has been replaced with the RTaxometrics package (Ruscio & Wang, 2017). More information is available here.

Generating Multivariate Nonnormal Data

GenData and FactorAnalysis.R – Program code to implement the methods described in Ruscio and Kaczetow (2008).

GenData for SAS.txt – Program code for use in SAS. Dipl. Stat. (FH) Thomas Franke wrote the SAS code and graciously allowed me to provide it here.

EFA with Comparison Data 

EFA Comparison Data.R – Program code to implement the methods described in Ruscio and Roche (2012). The code has been extended to allow the use of Spearman rank-order correlations, which can accommodate data that are ordinal and/or non-normally distributed.

Bootstrap CI for A 

Bootstrap CI for A.R – Program code to implement the methods described in Ruscio and Mullen (2012).

Generalizations of A

A.R – Program code to implement the methods described in Ruscio & Gera (2013).

Citation-Based Indices

Metrics.R – Program code to implement the methods described in Ruscio, Seaman, D’Oriano, Stremlo, and Mahalchik (2012).

Adjusting Scores

Adjusting Scores.xlsx – Excel file to implement the methods described in Kuhlthau, Ruscio, Bastedo, & Furey (2017).


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Ruscio, J., & Wang, S. B. (2017). RTaxometrics: Taxometric analysis. R package version 2.0. Available at